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Low Cost Headstone Monuments | Pocket Sense

Low Cost Headstone Monuments by Debbie Mcrill ; Updated July 27, 2017 When a person dies and is buried in a cemetery, a marker is typically placed at the grave with the name of the deceased and usually the date of birth and death.

Memorial Day: Weeping Angels at Eternally Eerie Graveyards

Over time, the forces of nature have acted upon the bronze to create an eerie effect of the angel weeping. As Wikipedia points out, ‚ÄúSince gravestones and a plot in a cemetery or churchyard cost money, they are also a symbol of wealth or prominence in a community. Some gravestones were even commissioned and erected to their own memory by …

Cremation Urns vs. Casket and Headstone Costs

Compare Funeral Costs: Cremation Urn and Memorial vs. Casket and Headstone For those planning a funeral with limited financial resources, it is prudent to evaluate the cost of cremation urns and memorials compared to a casket and headstone.

Weeping Angel Granite Statue Headstone | MonumentsInStone

Our Weeping Angel Headstone comes in Super Gray granite. The stone measures: 42" x 10 x 34". The base measures: 54" x 14" x 8". Engraving for the loved-one's names and dates is free up to 50 characters. Our price is $4,525. Shipping for this headstone is $200.

Angel Headstones, Angel gravestone, Angel monument

This is a beautifully sculpted headstone of sitting angel with flowers in her hair. The angel is fully carved on all sides. Dimensions: 36" X 8" X 36" headstone with a 48" X 14" X 8" base (included but not shown).

Memorial Statues and Sculptures – Cemetery Markers

Clear Stream Monuments has many styles of granite or marble memorial statues and sculptures to choose from. … not include the cost for shipping. … Angel of Hope …

Sorry To Hear The Sad News!

May Be You Are Sorrow or Regret.Regretting Something You Don't Done For Him Or Her When They Alive.Doing Something To Make Up These Regrets,to Choosing A Fine Gift---Elegant Angel Tombstone.Every Angel Tombstone We Done By Our Heart,By Our Feeling.
So Choosing Us,To Give The People,Who Leave,A Elegant Home.To Let Them Feel They Did Not Leave From You !

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