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fallen angel statue-YouFine Sculpture

Life Size Fallen Angel Lucifer Marble Statue for Sale MOKK-982

  • This fallen angel Lucifer statue is selling well in YouFine. We made it with A-grade natural marble and carved it purely by hand. YouFine could also provide you with a reasonable price. If you are interested in this marble angel statue, please feel free to contact us.
    Item No: MOKK-982
    Material: Grade A Marble
    Color: The Picture Color or Customized
    Size: Life Size or Customized
    Package: Strong Wooden Case

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Fallen Angel Lucifer Story:

This statue shows us a fallen angel Lucifer. According to the Christian point of view, Lucifer was once the highest angel in heaven, holding the office of the archangel before the fall. He fell into Satan because of his excessive pride and his intention to be equal to God. The original power of holy light is also transformed into the power of darkness. YouFine used natural marble to create this fallen angel statue, which gives it long service life.


fallen angel Lucifer statue-YouFine Sculpture


Purely Hand-Carved Statue:

This fallen angel Lucifer statue is a purely hand-carved product. Its distinct hair and vivid wings, clearly visible facial expressions and every part of its body are hand-carved by highly skilled sculptors in the YouFine factory. These craftsmen are full of love for every work. Before the carving begins, they would look up various relevant materials in order to understand each sculpture thoroughly. Therefore, the marble angel statue carved from their hands could be so realistic.


carving of fallen angel Lucifer -YouFine Sculpture


Other Marble Angel Statues:

There is a wide variety of marble angel statues in the YouFine factory. We have a variety of cute little angel statues, beautiful female angel statues, and trumpet-playing angel statues. These angel statues are very beautiful. In addition, customers could also customize the style, material, size, etc. of the angel sculpture they want from us. You could also communicate and discuss with top designers in our factory. They would do their best to create a satisfactory angel statue design for you.


other types of marble angel statue-YouFine Sculpture


Safe Shipping:

YouFine’s marble sculptures could be transported by air, sea, land, and other modes of transportation. No matter which way of transportation is used, it is very safe. We would recommend the most suitable transportation method for you according to customer needs and product characteristics. And YouFine would fully insure each product. So, you don’t have to worry about any risk during shipping.


safe shipping of white marble angel statue-YouFine Sculpture


Factory direct sales allow YouFine to offer customers the most reasonable price. What are you waiting for? please contact us for more details.

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