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flying angel statue-YouFine Sculpture.

Beautiful Carving Marble Flying Angel Statue Supplier MOK1-136

  • There are many factories that could make a beautiful marble flying angel statue, but there are not many factories that could really carve it beautifully and have good quality assurance. Fortunately, YouFine is the latter one.
    Item No: MOK1-136
    Material: Grade A Marble
    Color: The Picture Color or Customized
    Size: Life Size or Customized
    Package: Strong Wooden Case
    Service 1: Customized Service
    Service 2: Trade Assurance

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Flying Angel statue Description:

This is a beautiful marble flying angel statue. We could see that the angel’s wings are spread back, her arms are placed vertically, and her head is slightly raised to the sky as if she is conveying a message to God. We all know that angels are the messengers sent by God to the world and the messengers of the world. Beautiful angel statues could not only serve as decoration but also convey your appeal to God. Therefore, this white marble angel statue is very suitable to be placed in your own yard.


1. flying angel statue-YouFine Sculpture

2. flying angel statue-YouFine Sculpture

3. flying angel statue-YouFine Sculpture


Rich Experience in Making Angel Statues:

The artisans of the YouFine factory have rich experience in making marble angel statues. We have professional angel statue artisans, who only focus on the statue of angel statues, and their usual carving practice is also various styles of angel statues. Decades of carving practice have enabled him to perfectly present various styles of angel statues. Especially the angel’s lifelike face, charming body, and lifelike wings are just as real.


white marble angel-YouFine Sculpture

rich experience for making marble angel-YouFine Sculpture


More Angel Statues:

The marble angel statues for sale on the YouFine official website have various styles. Whether it is a marble angel blowing a horn, a marble angel holding a jar, a kneeling marble angel, a marble angel with clasped hands, a cute little marble angel, or a fallen angel Lucifer, all of them could be found in the YouFine factory. In addition, we also accept various customized services. As long as it is your reasonable demand, our excellent designers and skilled engravers could satisfy you.


marble angel statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Factory Price Guarantee:

YouFine could promise every customer that all we give you are factory prices. This is because we have our own statue factory, which could provide you with integrated services from material selection to carving, polishing, packaging, and shipping. There is no middleman to make the difference in the whole process. Therefore, you could get a high-quality marble angel statue at a factory price. We guarantee that the marble statue you buy at YouFine would have a high-cost performance. So, buy with confidence.


factory price guarantee for the flying angel statue-YouFine Sculpture


YouFine welcomes friends from all over the world. If you are interested in this flying angel statue, please feel free to contact us.


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