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angel of grief statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture

Bronze Casting Angel of Grief Statue for Sale BOKK-964

  • This Bronze angel of grief statue for sale is made by YouFine Factory. Our bronze statues are made of high-quality bronze materials with exquisite workmanship.
    Item No: BOKK-964
    Size: Customized Size
    Material: Bronze
    Insurance: Cover All the Risk
    Package: Strong Wooden Case

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Product Details:

This angel of grief bronze statue for sale shows us a kneeling, crying angel. She knelt quietly, with her left hand on her forehead. Although we couldn’t see all her facial expressions, it made us feel endless sadness. We know that angels of grief could provide comfort to those who are grieving and could also help the deceased transition from death to the afterlife. The Angel of Sorrow statue is great for a cemetery. And the use of high-quality bronze materials could make the statue a long service life.


angel of grief statue for sale-YouFine Sculpture.


Excellent Workmanship:

YouFine’s bronze angel statues are of good workmanship. We use the traditional lost wax method for casting. And before each statue is cast, a professional clay model artisan would make a 1:1 clay model. The realistic clay model could provide a good reference for the next casting process. Using a silicone mold to overturn the mold could perfectly restore the small parts of the character. We could see that both the lifelike wings on the back of the angel statue and her realistic and natural posture are so shocking under the production of the artisans.


details show of bronze angel statues-YouFine Sculpture


More Options:

In addition to the angel of grief bronze statue for sale, YouFine also has many types of bronze angel statues for sale. For example, bronze flying angel statues, bronze kneeling angel statues, bronze little angel statues, etc. These angel statues are very realistic. In addition to this, we also accept various customized services. If you want your own unique design style, you could also communicate with our designers. They would try their best to meet all your needs.


life size angel statues for sale-YouFine Sculpture


Factory Price Guarantee:

YouFine has its own factory, and we have a mature bronze statue production system. Whether it is the selection of raw materials, the production of clay molds, the use of the lost wax method in 33 processes, the inspection of the QC team, and the packaging of the statues, the corresponding staff in the YouFine factory are all done. There is no middleman making the difference in the whole process. Therefore, what we give our customers is the factory price guarantee.


YouFine Factory


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